Using Headphones + Microphone while recording

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I’m very new to this community, happened to purchase a UR22C and a Rode NT1A with which I’m currently playing around. (+ a Yamaha P125 Digital Piano I already had)

While using Cubase LE AI Elements 12, I stumbled upon some problems.
I can’t use all inputs / outputs at the same time. Each time I want to record something with the microphone, I have to switch the ASIO Driver. If I switch it to my UR22C, the microphone works but Cubase doesnt see any other inputs or outputs anymore. Most importantly it doesn’t recognize the headphone jack of the laptop anymore.
Is there any way to simultaneously use all inputs/outputs? I need to be able to listen to my current tracks on headphones while I connect a new track on microphone.
The Digital Piano is connected via USB, the microphone is connected via the UR22C which is also connected via USB. My headphones go directly into the laptop.

I would greatly appreciate any tips, I am so excited about all my equipment, but this error makes me think that I will need to look into other studio software.
A major point that baffles me in the meantime is that Audacity has no problems with that at all. I can always select the needed input or output from a drop-down menu, without changing any ASIO drivers whatsoever. This makes me think there is a solution for Cubase that I am just not seeing.

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Please make sure the Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO driver is selected in the Project Setup dialog. This is the only way to access all the channels of the audio interface.

That is the issue.
You are using three different devices for each of your inputs/outputs, one for the keyboard, one for the mic, and one for the headphones.
The main goal of having an audio interface is to gather all your music gear into one single device, and basically, Cubase can only load one device at a time, same as the other music software…
Also the UR22C has a dedicated headphones output, you need to use that one instead of the laptop’s.

If the audio interface doesn’t have enough inputs for all your instruments, then you can try using ASIO4ALL to aggregate the devices, but this isn’t ideal as you may lose some performance over the dedicated ASIO driver. If I was you, I would return the UR22 and take the UR44 instead, so that it fits the setup.

Actually, the UR44C has 6 inputs and costs double the UR22C. If you’re on a budget there’s the Scarlett 4i4 which is cheaper and has only 2 Mic in the front and 2 Line in the back for the keyboard.
This is only my recommendation, how to handle it is up to you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is true if the keyboard is being used as an Audio Source and not just as a MIDI Controller (in which case it would be 2 different devices). The OP is a bit ambiguous regarding this. In either case @Louis_R 's advice still holds.