Using Hitpoints to create MIDI notes for samples


I’m using Cubase Essentials 5 and been happy with it for a couple of years, but starting to outgrow it’s “essentials only” features.

I can create Hitpoints on real drums audio, but cannot create MIDI notes from those Hitpoints so I can trigger drum samples. It seems Cubase Essentials doesn’t have this feature.

Can someone tell me if Elements 9 has this feature, or will I need to upgrade to Artist 9?

Thanks in advance,
Dingo :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Yes, you can Create MIDI Notes from Hitpoints in Cubase Elements 9.


Just upgraded, eLicensor shows it as registered and active. Cubase Elements freezes on start up.

How do I downgrade and roll back to Essentials?

I knew I should have gone straight to ProTools :frowning:


Make sure, your plug-ins are up-to-date, please.

The upgrade kept your older Cubase version, so you can still use it.

Elements 9 ‘removed/replaced’ Essentials 5 in the eLicenser. Essentials 5 is now showing no license at all and no longer appears in the eLicenser at all :frowning:


That’s correct. Once you upgraded from Cubase Essential to Cubase Elements, the Essential license was upgraded to Elements, so you have one license only, same as before. But you are able to run older Cubase versions (the same derivative, i.e. Essential in your Case) with the newer license.

Make sure, you have the latest eLCC installed, please.

Nope :frowning: I get a message saying I no longer have a full license for the previous version.