Using HSO "Expressions"

I posted this in the Halion Sonic forum a few days ago, but the sound of tumbleweed is deafening :neutral_face: I figure the question is as relevant to this forum, so here’s hoping…

Can someone explain how to apply “Expressions” in the HSO VST sound instrument set in CB6?
I can’t find any specific info anywhere. The “?” (open manual) doesn’t work and I’m really struggling with this.
A pointer to any documentation or a simple walk through would be much appreciated.

Before using expressions you need to make sure an expression map has been loaded. I’ve not figured out why, but some instruments are loading with an expression map whereas others are not, but using Violas Combi as an example as it does load with a map:-

  • Click on the Expression Map tab in the Inspector to see the expressions available.

  • Open a MIDI part in the Key Editor

  • Select Articulations/Dynamics from the menu at the bottom of the keyboard diagram on the left - this will show the different expressions in the bottom window.

  • Use the pencil tool to click where you want the expressions to appear.

I think that’s all you need to do - you can also apply expressions in the Score Editor, but I find it easier in the Key Editor.

If there’s no map showing in the Expression Tab, do a search on Import Key Switches in the forum as somebody has explained how to do this.

Thanks ChrisW,

I think, with your help, I’m getting somewhere. I’ve had a quick look at your suggestions. Makes me realise how little I know about midi, expressions, articulations etc (I’m just a humble bass player :confused: ). Think I’ll be on a very steep learning curve.

Thanks again