using I lok vs dongle

I am always dragging around an ilok and steinberg dongle around the globe, and feel like i might as well be walking around with $5000 cash in my pocket. I would love to see steinberg products to not only start using ilok. because most of our 3rd party plugings are on ilok.

but what would be even better is to start using ilok cloud instead. what do you all think?

plus steinberg customer support wouldnt have to deal with call that go like this anymore “i broke, lost, or had my dongle stolen.”

like most of you, i am running around with a laptop. having usb anything sticking out of my computer is just an accident waiting to happen. go to grab a coffee, and bam broke my dongle in half. ( lol that sounded nawty)

anyways. just another thought for the suggestion box

+1 :wink:

How about suggesting these plugin developers to use the eLicenser instead, instead of asking Steinberg to support a horrible, greedy company that overcharges for everything and makes you PAY for a much slower Zero Downtime, and on top of that offers weaker piracy protection? Get real.

As far as I’ve read regarding iLok Cloud, it requires a near-constant Internet connection to allow your software to run, which is a deal-breaker. What if you don’t have a connection where you are with your laptop?

Steinberg already has the ability with a flip of a switch to turn Cubase licenses into soft-eLicenser licenses that install on the hard disk and don’t require a dongle, but they have decided not to allow that for various reasons.


I have an e-Licenser, iLok and another USB stick for Waves. What I’ve done is plugged them all into a small USB hub and placed the lot in a small project box with just a 1.2 metre cable sticking out of the box. To anyone else it’s not obvious what it is but it stops any potential breakage and loss. It’s light and not very big at all, keeps it all nice and tidy.