Using & in part naming

A small problem, which might - or might not to be considered:
When creating parts with more than one name Dorico uses the symbol “&” for “and” between the instrument names. When later pdf-files are created, the sign is used in the file name.

Many applications used on the internet does not accept this sign as part of a file-name, which can lead to some confusion when users try to upload such named files. I had the problem with OpenCart

Indeed many apps on the internet are full of bug-ridden code that only works for the special cases its author thought about! There is nothing intrinsically “wrong” with using & in file names IMO.

Back in 2013, one reviewer didn’t like it much, and after explaining why wrote this summary:

Its a system that somehow works, barely hanging in the balance … if you are doing some research about what to base you next e-commerce project off of, you should’t even consider OpenCart. Just FYI, extensions are not much better either, they are as a big as a mess as the core itself.

… and the response from its developers was mostly personal abuse, not rebuttal of the technical issues.

I’m not a programmer, so I really don’t care how the code is written as long as a program performs the tasks I need. I only pointed out that the & sign caused a rejection when I used it in a filename in OpenCart. I can’t even tell if it was a restriction in OpenCart, Apache or Mysql which are the platforms that run the business or perhaps a restriction in the php-language. I just wanted to report, so that the next person meeting this restriction somewhere have a chance to figure out what courses the problem. I don’t expect the Dorico team to address this if it is caused by “old school” restrictions in other applications. I have no idea how widespread the problem is.

About the article “Why you should never use opencart” and the many responses to it - I have read/skimmed them, and to me, it looks like the usual rather unconstructive “I know best” discussions that some tech people seems to enjoy. The article you refer to is from 2013 - All serious software has moved since then - including OpenCart. I really don’t think referring to that article makes sense anymore. I chose that platform after serious practical test of different e-commerce platforms and ended with OpenCart beeing the one that worked for me and my business model.