Using insert/send effects on MediaBay's output


Is there a way to run MediaBay like it’s an instrument, or route it’s output to a group channel, so that I can use insert/send effects on it? I do a lot of sound design, so being able to audition sounds with effects applied would be a big help at times.



You can enable Control Room and Insert the plug-in to the Monitor of the Control Room.

All Previews are routed to the Control Rooms’ Monitor 1 bus.

Excellent! Thanks a lot, Martin. I haven’t delved too deep into Control Room before, but I eventually figured it out. If anyone wants step by step instructions on what you need to do, let me know.

you can using “Track Preset” : create a instruments or audio track play your song and opent track preset mediabay select presets one by one till you find one which match your taste…