Using iRealPro with Cubasis

I use iRealPro often for my backing tracks now in real time.
Can I input those back-ups directly into Cubasis 3 ? That would mean I could input into Cubasis 3 from the same iPad as I use iRealPro.
Alternatively, must I input my iRealPro files via a microphone into Cubasis 3? If so, that would require me to use a second iPad.
Can you assist/ advise? Thanks!

Hi Steve88,

Thank you for your message.

Unfortunately we’re not equipped with iReal Pro.
I’d suggest to ask them about this. We’re at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes,

I have iReal Pro, but I don’t have idea how to input it into Cubasis. I tried with Audiobus too, but it doesn’t appear in the list. Wouldn’t be easier you generate an audio or midi file from iReal and then import to a track within Cubasis?

Thank you! So, would I record the iRealPro audio file onto another device and then input it into Cubasis using a microphone?

Ok, I’ll inquire from iRealPro directly and see what they have to say.

Oh, no, there is no need to do so: iReal can simply export a file as wav, midi or aac. Unless you need to record live, but I guess you need only the track.

Look here

Thank you very much! This is enormously helpful. I will give this a try. Cheers! Steve