Using kontakt as a 5.1 with instrument tracks

Is this possible?
I’m new to kontakt5, and I’m trying to make a 5.1 wind machine with it.
Is it possible using instrument tracks?
I managed to do it as a rack instrument but don´t quite like it that way.

Bye / Tumppi

Never mind. I got it.

hey Tumppi
Wind machine?. Sounds interesting, can you elaborate what you are cooking :wink:?

I’m preparing instruments for my own use where I can “play” for example atmos live to a project…
One layer is different generic winds.
Second layer is like leafs, gusts, howling etc. I can mix this second layer in with mod wheel while playing to make live “custom” sound fx from pre-recorded fx archieves…

Same idea for rain, city ext and int where I can pan for example auto passes using again mod wheel…

I have many ideas what “instruments” I"ll do…

This is only to be used on projects with fast turn around…
But I quite like what I have achieved so far only on few days .

Wow. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!!!