Using Korg Kronos Karma to control Cubase 8

:blush: Hi Folks,

Apologies if something like this has been posted elsewhere. I’ve had a good look & haven’t found anything like it so far.

I just want to use my newly aquired Kronos to control Cubase.

Korg provided an app …Kronos_ExtSetup_e… which I installed. This in turn put a file …Cubase_Korg.xmll… in the Steinberg 32bit folder. (I am working with the 64bit version)

I tried copying the …Cubase_Korg.xmll… into the xmll folder in the 64bit Steinberg folder.

Unfortunately when I try to add the Korg in Cubase Devices it is not showing & thus Korg & Cubase are not talking to each other.

It’s probably small but I’ve missed something somewhere along the line.

I can’t find anything on utube or on the Korg forum that will help me further.

Any ideas anyone?

Regards. Jeff :slight_smile:

Hi Jeff,
If you in Cubase open up Device/Device setup, then you can choose “Generic Remote” in the left window. There you can import the xml file that is on the Kronos CD.
If you then press “EXT” on your Kronos you can control some functions in Cubase from the knobs and sliders on Kronos.


Hi Peter,

Apologies, I had a very busy weekend & just found your post. I’ll get cracking on your info shortly (although I think I already did something on those lines). Anyway I’ll get back either way later today. Many thanks for your post.


Hi Peter,

Hi Peter,

Well, for the first time I have some movement - The ‘Master’ on the Kronos is moving a fader in Cubase. So far it’s only one, so I guess I’m going to have to work out how to assign the various controls. Anyway it’s a start. Many thanks for your help.


Hey my name is John and Im wondering the same thing… I also use Logic Pro as well as Cubase and am looking to have my Kronos control my plugins.

I don’t really care if I can access the Kronos plugin editor and use Kronos sounds in Cubase, cause I can just record the midi and trigger the Kronos sounds later in order to record the audio from the Kronos.

My main desire is as a full featured midi controller. Using the knobs and sliders to control plugin synths inside of a DAW.

Curious to know how far you have gotten in Cubase… Thx