using Korg nanoKontrol to control any selected track for write-automation

Hi everyone,

This is my first post and I’m very excited to be a part of this community!

I have a question about something that I’m challenged on. I recently upgraded to Cubase 10 Pro and also purchased a Korg nanoKontrol2. The reason for the nanoKontrol2 purchase is because I’m doing some film scoring as of late and have purchased some orchestral sample libraries to use with my Native Instruments Kontakt 6 sampler.

I’ve already set up the Korg nanoKontrol2 in the Studio > Studio Setup and have added a Mackie Control under the Remote Devices tree.

The thing I really want to do is creating volume/modulate volume-riding for any track that I select, whether it be a VST Instrument/MIDI track (like a solo String) or an Audio Track (such as vocals). In the case of the recorded vocals, it would be similar to vocal volume-riding.

For the VST instruments in Kontakt (or any sample library instrument that I use), I want to be able to volume-ride (creating a write-automation) for that instrument’s track.

The challenge I’m facing is that the nanoKontrol2 has the fader/sliders assigned to the first 8 tracks that I create in Cubase; regardless of whether it is a MIDI/VST Instrument or an Audio track. For example;

Let’s say I’ve created a composition where the arrangement has almost 48 tracks. I’ve recorded my VST string library on Track number 32. Now, when I select track 32 and then enable the write-automation for that track, I would like to just use the first fader/slider on my nanoKontrol for the purpose of writing a volume-riding automation.

The problem is though, when I touch the first slider, it jumps from Track 32 all the way to Track 1, regardless of whether I’m recording or doing a playback. I’d love to just do the volume-riding for track 32, not track 1.

I’ve been trying to search forums, doing a lot of googling and trying to check out YouTube videos to see if anyone has accomplished or solved this sort of thing. But I haven’t been successful. I did come across this one Youtube video of a person using the nanoKontrol for film scoring, which is what I’m hoping to accomplish, but it is for ProTools:

I have a lot to learn about CC’s and assigning controls and so forth, as I’m just new to this sort of midi control thing.

The only thing that I’ve got working for me is that if I want to Volume-ride a track (let’s say track 32), using the 1st fader/slider on the nanoKontrol, I would have to move track 32 all the way up to make it as “track 1”, so that I can control and volume-ride/write automate it) But I’d have to do that for every track.

Is there anyone here who has seen this sort of situation and know of a step-by-step solution? I’m pretty much lost as to how to accomplish this and my understanding of the terminology is a tad basic.

Any help would be great. Thanks so much!

I believe I have solved it! I just have to press the right arrowed button in the “Track” section on the nanoKontrol2 and it jumps from VST 1-16 to the next set. I’m able to record the other instruments. It’s a different process from my having to select tracks, but I am okay with using the track buttons to jump to the next couple of tracks to do written automation to.