Using large samples in Koala AUv3 makes Cubasis Unresponsive

When loading a large sample (e.g. 4 mins of a song to chop up) into a single Koala AUv3 instrument, Cubasis becomes slow and inconsistent to respond. For example, pressing a transport control will take up to several seconds to respond to the touch, and playback may freeze temporarily when a button is pressed. This happens very consistently on every project where I load large samples into Koala, and destroys the workflow unfortunately. Note that it doesn’t seem to happen with smaller samples.

I have not experienced this issue when loading large samples into Koala AUv3 in any other DAW. I’d love to have this fixed as chopping a track in a Koala AUv3 in Cubasis is a great workflow for me.

Koala just got an update for stability and fixes, just so you know.

Thanks for the pointer, but unfortunately the issues I’m experiencing are unchanged after the Koala update :frowning:

I should add that I’m using 2021 iPad Pro M1 11” model.

This could have something to do with the way Cubasis handles undo in general (ie. it does ‘snapshots’ of the AUv3 parameters when they are changed on window close) when the AUv3 contains a lot of data (samples etc) these snapshots can quickly grow in size and this can potentially slow things down.

One work-around here would to to chop up the 4 minute file in Koala stand-alone and then load the project into Cubasis when it’s time to compose the track.

Better yet, lets hope Cubasis gets a proper built-in sampler at some point in time…
(Start with the Cubase Sampler Track which would make slicing and chopping a breeze).


Hi @Somble,

We suggest exchanging with elf audio regarding the topic.
We are at hand exchanging with them, if required.