Using LoopBE to Link Cubase and Sibelius


Please excuse the newbie questions as this is unfamiliar territory for me and I am confused on the best approach to take.

I am using Sibelius with East West Orchestra. The score I am building is a full orchestra and I have used a sound set to map each instrument to the East West library. When I add too many instruments (about 10), Sibelius starts to drop instruments. I know Sibelius strength is in notation, not as a sequencer. So I am using LoopBE to wire it to Cubase.

I’ve only wired two MIDI channels so far, and I am hearing some clicks in Cubase. Are there settings that I should be using that will eliminate that? Should I be using Rewire instead? I am not familiar with Rewire.

Also, in Play, in Sibelius, I can save the instrument presets in an FXP file. So I don’t need to load each file every time. Is there a way to load the same presets in Cubase?

I assume I can also export a MIDI file from Sibelius, but I would still have the same issue of having to load each East West sound into a track. Wouldn’t I?

I am running Windows 10 with 16 GIGs of RAM and the libraries are on SSDs.

Thank you for the help.


Could you describe your setup, please? I don’t understand it.

Your MIDI data for EWO sits in Cubase and you send it via LoopBe to Sibelius to EWO? Or…? What is the role of Cubase and what is the role of Sibelius in your setup?

To connect Sibelius to Cubase, you can use ReWire.

I really appreciate you looking for more information to help me. I’m sorry I wasn’t clear.

My setup is that I used Sibelius to write out the score. Once it was complete, the playback using EWO, in Sibelius, would drop instruments. So following this video (watch around 7:35) I was trying to set it up that Sibelius would contain all the MIDI information and send that directly to Cubase. Cubase would just be playing back the sounds that Sibelius was sending through LoopBE.

As I understand it, in Cubase, I would need to set up an Instrument track. That Instrument track’s input would be the LoopBE Internal MIDI cable and the appropriate MIDI channel. The output in Cubase would be Play, with EWO and the correct patch set on the correct channel.

My vague understanding is that this does the same thing as ReWire. I’m assuming that ReWire would be a better solution, but for some reason, I am having a really hard time finding a good tutorial on it.

Thank you for the help.

So you don’t use EWO directly in Sibelius, because there is an issue on Sibelius side?


More specifically, I was using EWO directly in Sibelius and it works well for a few instruments. Once I got to about 10 instruments, Sibelius started to drop out the sounds. That is why I thought I could use Cubase instead.

If I use Sibelius’ own sound set, it works fine with that many instruments. (I think… I need to check this evening.)

Did you try to increase Buffer Size of your Audio Device? You don’t need real time, so you can go really up with it.

I have a FocusRite 2i2 and the buffer was at the top amount of 1024.

Also, I looked more into ReWire and it seems to me that it is routing just the audio, not the MIDI (I could certainly be wrong). If it is just the Audio being routed and Sibelius can’t handle the audio, then why bother using ReWire? I don’t mean to sound cynical. I think I am missing something obvious.

ReWire can send also a MIDI.

I mean, the solution seams to be really strange for me.

You’re right, it is definitely a strange solution. I was just trying to figure out if it was a Sibelius issue and thought that this might be one possible (strange) solution.

I’ll continue to look into this and narrow down where the issue is. I think I need to start over and see where it leads me.

Thank you for the help.