Using Mackie MCU for Quick Controls?

I was thinking about mapping the 8 rotary pots to the track or vst quick controls. However, it seems like there would be undesirable side effects, e.g. if I have the first rotary mapped to the first quick control slot, what happens when I turn that knob to change the pan on a track? My guess is that either pan would stop working or turning the knob would change both pan and the quick control at the same time.

Has anyone mapped their MCU or X-Touch rotaries to quick controls? If so, were there any gotchas, or did it work out okay?

on my MCU quick controls are accessible via a shift -
i have stickers on it… function row first line most right button…
then you get quick controls…
ah it is shift - master (or shift - plug-in) track vst quick controls or for vst quick control choose focus in vst instruments window.

better explained in the manual:

it is here, the full layout, and the special cubase implementation, i.e. how cubase “listens” to the MCU… on page 45:

and there you see the complete immplementation by the way.

i have an old MCU by the way (2003 version), but it works as explained.

Excellent. Thanks very much for such a complete answer, Howl!