Using Marks in an audio file imported from a Zoom H4N Pro

Hi. I did a search here and didn’t find anything. I bought a Zoom H4n Pro audio recorder. They provided a license for the Cubase LE product, which I’ve assumed means the two are very compatible. I am recording my band’s rehearsals and I use the Mark feature at the start of each song so I can edit out all the chatter that goes on after we finish the song and before we start the next song. When I import these wave files into Reaper, I see the Marks and can use them to quickly find where each song starts. I have just installed Cubase and after importing one track with these same Marks, I don’t see them. How can I see these Marks in Cubase? Again, I assume this should work since Zoom selected this particular package to aid in advanced editing, (plus I don’t want to pay for Reaper if I have a Cubase LE license.) Any guidance would be appreciated.

Have you tried adding a Marker Track before Importing the Audio?

Thanks for your response. I don’t think the Zoom H4n has an independent Marker Track. The device is pretty straightforward. While you’re recording, you press the record button briefly and it inserts a mark in the recording at that point. Besides, I wouldn’t want to have to replay the entire recording to re-apply marks just so Cubase can see them. As I said, Reaper shows these marks straight out of the H4n, so I know they are there. Cubase must have some config to pick them up as well. Any other suggestions?

I assumed it didn’t. I don’t know what Cubase does with markers in Audio Files. But the first place I’d look is on the Marker Track. Good luck.


Perhaps they show up as Hitpoints in the Sample Editor.