Using MASCHINE-Controller with GROOVE AGENT 4(SE)

If anyone wants to control the GROOVE AGENT 4 (SE) with a MASCHINE controller:

I have made a template for the Controller Editor (of MASCHINE).
If you load it, then all pads from A to H match with the GrooveAgent 4(SE).

The template can be loaded with the Controller Editor (under the Edit-menu - “Open”).
Or you can copy it to the Controller Editor-folder:
"… Documents \ Native Instruments \ Controller Editor"
(see also my pic in the download)

Here’s my Template: GrooveAgent 4 - Maschine

Thank you so much !

Hi, is the template still available?

Why not? Yes of coure!!!

The Download-Link is in my post.


Here you can see in detail how load my Groove Agent 4 -template in the CONTROLLER EDITOR:
(… this works on PC and on MAC)

I hope it helps!!!


This is probably a great template and exactly what I am looking for, but can’t find the “load template” in the new Maschine interface :\

Thanks for your effort.
Will this work on the Maschine Mk3?

No luck, your template does not work with Maschine MK3.
Seems NI have change the file format, as the saved extention is now a .ncm3 file.

I have mapped the MK3 Maschine pads to use with groove agent in cubase.
Put maschine into Channel Midi to operate.

One set is for patterns and the other is for the kit.

Load into Maschine Controller Editor then select as required

Hope they are useful.

remove the .txt to use.


thanks :smiley: