Using Melodyne over ARA issue


I’m using the latest version of Cubase Pro 10.5 and Melodyne Studio 5

I have three problems that I hope you can point me in the right direction

  1. I have a new project which I recorder two guitar tracks and vocals. I activated Melodyne on the vocals, it comes up as its supposed to and I can edit to my hearts content. The problem is when I activate Melodyne on the other two tracks, in the panel I see blue background and the waveform…no Melodyne.

  2. Same Project… I return to the vocal track and melodyne comes up, as expected. But in the tracklist I only see the vocal track, not the guitar tracks.

  3. Different Project same 3 audio tracks…I glue together the comp guitar track and somehow in this project all three tracks show up in melodynes track list. I go to quantize to track (in melodyne) and I want to use the comp track as a reference but it is greyed out in the dropdown.

Im sure these are simple issues, but any help would be greatly appreciated!