Using midi device to control Cubase transport

Bit of a newbie, but having a lot of fun with Cubase 6, Guitar Rig Kontrol, Mic + Preamp and M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 midi keyboard.

My problem lies with the transport buttons on the Oxygen 8. I just can’t seem to get them to do what they are supposed to. When I’m playing my guitar or recording vocals, I don’t really want to have to fiddle about to find the keyboard/mouse to click the play/record/stop buttons on the Cubase transport window, it’d be much easier to hit the button on the Oxygen 8. The keyboard works fine for sending midi, I can create midi notes and the Pitch Bend wheel works as expected. I just can’t get Cubase to play/record/stop when I hit the play/record/stop button.

Does anyone have any idea what I’m missing here?

Have you told Cubase to look at the Oxygen 8 as a remote control device?

Chapter 27 of the “Operations Manual”

The transport buttons are MMC buttons.
You have to set up those transport buttons under :Project Synchronization Setup settings, under Midi Clock destinations select the Oxygen8 in the list
other settings:
Midi Clock Follow Project Position – ON
Always Send Start Message – ON
Send Midi Clock in Stop Mode - ON

MMC Buttons are too complicated. You can use the Remote Device, much more easier.

Choose Generic Remote, set Input M-Audio Oxygen. In the top table select Fader 1. Find MIDI CC, which is sent by pressing Play button on the Oxygen, and insert this MIDI CC to the Fader 1 Address.

Control name = Record
MIDI Status = Controller
MIDI Channel = 1
Address = XX
Max Value = 127
Flags R,

In the bottom table, set the action.
Control name = Record
Device = Transport
Channel/Category = Device
Value/Action = Record

That’s it.

Just set on the Oxygen, to send Maximum value of this button 127, which is set, but you have to set the minimum Value to the 127 too. This is because of the sending Value 127 everytime, you press the button. If you don’t set this, you have to press the button twice everytime. Once, it sends value 0, and makes nothing. Than it sends value 127, and it will wokrs.


Thank you all very much - so easy when you know how! The chapter reference really helped, as did the breakdown of the Generic Remote settings. Much easier to control and play at the same time, especially now I’ve got the assignable knobs working too. Thanks again.

Sorry for dredging up an eight year old thread, but I was having problems getting my controller to behave properly when controlling transport, and Martin’s clear and precise explanation has sorted it for me. The trick of setting min and max to 127 was what I was missing.

Thanks for that. Excellent.

I’m here same as ianjturner. I have an old oxygen 25 and this worked like a charm. Thank you so much.