Using MIDI imported from Sibelius

Hi All,

I prefer to notate MIDI in Sibelius and then import it into Cubase.

However, I’m finding that each time I edit in Sibelius and then re-import into Cubase, it creates a new VST Instrument for the newly imported tracks instead of deleting or overriding the old ones.

So, in the VST instruments folder at the left, I end up with Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic SE (2), Halion Sonic SE (3), etc… for each time I’ve made an edit and re-imported.

Cubase only ever uses the most recent, but it won’t let me delete the old ones. If I right-click the track to “Remove This Track”, that option doesn’t appear for the VST Instruments track.

It’s probably something really obvious that I just haven’t seen yet.

If anyone has an ideas that’d be most helpful :slight_smile:


Go to Preferences/ MIDI/ … somewhere there are some file import options. Use the help window there to learn which one you want.


Page 528 operations manual has the instructions and options spelled out. It is well hidden under the heading “Importing MIDI Files” Who would think to look there?

Yep as he said ^ - Preferences / MIDI / MIDI File

at the bottom in the ‘Destination’ dropdown menu

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To be fair, it isn’t always easy to find something in the operations manual or any manual for that matter. However, it is obvious that it never even occurs to a lot of people to try. I’m one of those that thinks that a complete read of all provided documentation is a prerequisite to using almost anything. Even if I don’t understand a lot of it or sometimes even if I don’t think “I’m going to use this part”. Invariably, I find some nugget that I can use. Also, when I’m trying to find an answer that doesn’t have an obvious header like “Import MIDI files”, I have that niggle in the back of my head that says “I’ve read that somewhere”.

Thanks for your replies everyone.

The manual explains how to customise the imported MIDI file, and the Preferences > MIDI file > Destination tells it what to import as, but there still remains the problem of removing unused VST instruments that have already set themselves up as a result of previously imported MIDI. Basically, each time I import after editing in Sibelius, it creates a new VST instrument instead of just using the old one that’s already been set up.

I recommend that, instead, you first create the Instrument track manually, then Import with Destination as “MIDI Tracks”, then drag the imported MIDI Part over to the Instrument track.

Thanks Vic,

Using instrument tracks definitely seems the way forward when using imported MIDI

errm :confused: didn’t I suggest the exact opposite?.. Import as MIDI tracks, then drag the imported Parts to the desired track (whether a MIDI track or an Instrument track).

Instrument tracks can only use one stereo output. MIIDI tracks can use more than this - if your instrument is mutlitimbral - Halion Sonic SE is. This means with a little adjustment you can use the same instrument instance to play back differnt tracks