Using MIDI on Mircokorg - Cubase Elements 8

Hello all,

I have never used MIDI before, ever. I bought a MIDI cord that plugs into my Microkorg with the MIDI ports, and the other end connects to the USB port in my PC. I’m trying to use the Halion Sonic VST option. Do I need a separate interface to record using MIDI? What all do I need to enable in Cubase? Again, I know nothing about this, and I would appreciate just a few pointers for a quick start. Thanks!


Do you have any audio in Cubase yet? What driver are you using?

Hi there Grim,

General audio, yes. Using Yamaha Steinberg ASIO.

Which suggests you already have an audio interface so no you don’t need another interface.

Load halion to an instrument track and in the inspector under inputs you should be able to select your midi cable as input.

Set Record arm and record monitor on the track and load a Halion instrument and play.

I’m no doubt missing it on my end - but I’m not seeing an “Inputs” option under the Inspector?

Thanks for your help, btw - I realized I need an interface.

Told ya I knew nothing about this.

So things are going well overall, except that lately when using Halion Sonic SE the keys on my MK seem to be extra touch sensitive - is there some kind of setting on the software I can adjust to in order to remove the touch sensitivity?

I used to have a korg microkey and you could download Korg Control Editor to change its settings. I’m sure you can adjust velocity settings with it.

Will give it a shot, thanks!