Using MIDI quantizing randomize function with sustain


I’m using Cubase Pro 8.5 and just created a MIDI piano piece. After watching some youtube tips, I have managed to program sustain as well, so that it kicks out/in at the beginning of each chord to prevent overlapping chord sounds. All good.

Next I was on to randomizing the positions of each note, and that works well - except the randomizing pulls notes in both directions (earlier and later than the exact point). Now everywhere where the notes are dragged to an earlier position it messes with the sustain setting because the sustain drop at the beginning of the chord kills the sustain of the note that comes a little too early. Don’t know if that makes sense, it’s really hard do describe :smiley:

My question generally is if the randomize function can be configured to only drag notes “to the right” aka delay some of them. That would solve my problem. There might be other ways - I’m all ears.



What about to use Logical Editor instead, please?

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Midi Modifiers can randomize position using positive and negative values.