Using MR816X standalone, dosen't autosync to my RME digiface

I bought the MR816 to add 8 more ins/out to my RME digiface. Was planning to buy a second and maybe a third unit to replace the m-audio and the presonus converters if all could go well.

After tweaking the MR editor, got it working pretty well for a few months.
I work at 44.1 kHz most of the time, but last week, i had to work with 48 kHz files, so i fire cubase up, switch the project to 48 kHz and bam, the MR816 dosen’t sync anymore. First, i check my M-Audio interface, it does sync, so the RME must be sending wordclock fine. I have both adat cables in and out connected to adat in/out on the digiface + BNC connection. I’ve tried syncing with adat or wordclock (bnc) in the MR editor, but it never follows the clocking of my RME.

So here is the workaround: I get my laptop on which the MR editor is installed, plug the MR816 in, engage a fight with the editor freezing everytime i touch a knob with the mouse, to finally win after an hour having found a workaround within the workaround to switch manually the 816 to 48 kHz. I have to do this everytime i switch sample rate…

RME is set as clockmaster, word clock as prefered sync
MR816 is set as “wordclock in” sync source, i also tried with ADAT sync source without succes
on the 816, wordclock master menu has only one choice, it is steinberg MR816, nothing else, is this normal?

Can anyone help? Steinberg?

I’ve had this constant with my old focusrite safire pro, it was performing rock-solid, but when switching to or from 48 khz, I had to set everything up on 48 khz (or 44.1khz) and then reboot.

Maybee you can try this? I know it’s not a real solution, but if it works it works!