Using multiple audio interfaces

I have tried searching for info on this but it seems there is very limited info on this subject, so I’m hoping someone can provide some input.

I’m currently running Cubase AI 9.5 with a UR44. I would like to add 1-2 more UR44 unit(s) or perhaps a combo of 1x UR824 to my 1 x UR44 to my system to expand it to allow live recording of my band and other recording projects.

I have read one post where the poster says Cubase will only allow him to select 1 interface at a time of the two he has connected to his system. A response to that post, there is possibly a third party driver that allows multiple audio interfaces.

so questions are…

Is anyone using multiple audio interfaces with Cubase? primarily to increase the amount of physical inputs

perhaps this ability is version specific like Pro or something?

Anyways I am right at the start of upgrading my studio from Cubasis on my ipad to Cubase on my laptop. I am trying Cubase AI as I got a free copy of it with my UR44. before I commit dollars for the pro ver I want to know I can expand primarily (at this stage) physical inputs up to 12-16.

any thoughts and experiences you can share I would be muchly appreciative… thanks in advance



It’s not possible to use multiple ASIO driver in one application (in general).

If you are on Mac, the workaround is to make a Aggregate Device. Be aware, this is not officially supported (by any DAW vendor).

If you are on Windows, you can use ASIO4ALL and “glue” all ASIO drivers with it. Then use ASIO4ALL as your ASIO driver in Cubase. Be aware, ASIO4ALL is not Steinberg dedicated driver, and you can loose some unique Steinberg features.

Thanks for taking the time to reply Martin… just looked at your website… man you are a busy boy!!!

Currently on a windows machine but along with upgrading my studio I will be migrating over Mac

ok I was going to ask another Q but I kinda found the answer… get a bigger audio interface, with more inputs like a Tascam US 16x08 USB.
Are you able to suggest something that works well with Cubase in the 12-16 input range?

would have rather have stuck with a product from Steinberg.

anyways thanks again


Yes, Cubase Pro can work with up to 256 Inputs.

From Cubase point of view it doesn’t matter if you use String or 3rd party audio device.

How do you glue the asio drivers?! I’m trying to get the input from my Behringer UMC sound card and output to be from my laptops own sound card, because I want to play guitar trough it so it goes to my bluetooth speaker :smiley:


If you are on Windows, use ASIO4ALL.