Using my Motif XS6 sound banks

Can someone kindly point me to where I can find information on accessing and/or downloading the sound banks in my Motif XS6 to be used in my Cubase Pro 8 projects?

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It should be part of Cubase installation. Open Devices > MIDI Device Manager. Click to Install Device and select Yamaha Motif XS (YAMAHA) from the list.

Add a MIDI track, set Yamaha Motif XS (the MIDI port) as an output, and you can browse your sound banks in Cubase.


Thank you for your prompt reply. I think I’m almost there with setting up the Motif as a midi device as I can select the Motif sound bank patched using the filter, but I don’t hear any sound. I can see on the track meter that it is reading my playing. (I also tested a HalionSE2 track and got sound out of it.)

I tried to attach a jpg screenshot, but it is too large to attach to this post.

Any suggestions as to where in the Cubase manual or documentation I might be able to find a solution?

Thanks again for your time. I truly appreciate it.


Hi Ray,

You cannot hear the audio signal from your Audio Device, if you don’t connect the Line Output of Motif to your Audio Device. But you should be able to hear the signal from your Motif XS already.

How to hear the signal from the Audio Device?

  1. Connect Line Out of your Motif XS to the Line In of your Audio Device (L and R).
  2. In Cubase: Devices > VST Connections > Inputs, make sure, there is an Stereo In bus (if not, Add one), and the bus is set to the In1/L and In2/R.
  3. Add an Audio track - Stereo.
  4. Make sure, the Input of the track is set to the Input, you have in the VST Connections (Stereo In).
  5. Enable Monitor on the Audio track (speaker button, when it is On, the button is orange).

Now you should hear the signal of Motif XS thru this Audio track in Cubase, and you can also record the Audio from Motif XS to this Audio track.

Hi you,

I would for sure recommend the XS Editor! Use it as a VSTi. It works great and you do not necessarily have to use the Motif as your Audio Interface for that. But you may.

Cheers, Ernst