Using nanoKontrol 2 for CCs

I have nanoKontrol 2 setup as a Mackie device and the transport functions work fine but I can’t figure out how to configure the sliders to control Dynamics/Mod and Expression for my orchestral libraries (which is the main reason I bought it).

In Korg Kontrol Editor if you select Cubase for control mode then the slider controls default to track functions and are unable to be edited so I made my scene with slider 1 set to CC1 and slider 2 set to CC11. Global MIDI is set to channel 2 so my MIDI keyboard still functions.

I’ve tried and tried to have the sliders function for CC1 and CC11 but to no avail. What’s weird is that before I installed the Korg driver (I initially missed the part about the driver) I was able to use the sliders for CC but transport functions didn’t work.

What am I missing??

If you can’t get a happy result with Mackie Control, you might just want to use your controller as a regular old Midi Controller (assuming you can set it up that way using whatever Korg has as a utility or button combination on the hardware). And then in Cubase use Quick Controls or make yourself a Generic Control and hook up your controller to that mechanism in Cubase.

Quick Controls is pretty easy to learn and set up. Generic Control setup is a bit of a learning curve.

p.s. I’ve given up on Mackie Control myself after fighting with it for too long.

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I have a nanoKontrol (not 2) that I use to send cc messages to my Audio Interface & guitar rig in addition to Cubase. It’s been some years since I set it up but if it had a Generic Remote entry I removed that. Now Cubase sees it as just another MIDI Controller that can be included in “All MIDI Inputs” or routed individually. This did break the nanoKontrol’s transport controls - but I never intended to use those so didn’t care. Don’t know if there is a way to make them work without using Generic Remote. Once it looks like a regular MIDI device, use the Korg editor to setup the cc’s.

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