Using new Template in projects already created?

Hi All!

Yesterday I created my first really detailed Project Template from scratch. Needless to say, everything is now laid out the way I want - but…I have a big question:

Can I integrate this new Template into projects I already created? I have projects that are months or even years old that I am still working on and I would love to be able to open them and have my new template settings integrated. Is this possible in any way?

Thanks for your help!!

There isn’t anyway to open an old Project and then Apply a Template to that Project.

The closest you can come is to create a new Project using your Template and then use File>Import>Tracks From Project… to pull in the Tracks from an older Project. I made some major changes to my main Template about a month ago and have been doing a lot of this lately.

Thanks for your reply - one thing that is weird is that instrument tracks load as does all automation but not FX Channels - any idea why?

I just double checked and Importing FX Channels works as expected here. Perhaps it got Imported where it is hard to find, like in a Folder?

What does this page look like for you?

Thanks for your reply! I have not hd a chance to check this yet - but just to make sure, what version of Cubase are you using? I use 9.5. The dialog panel in your pic looks quite advanced!!

I’m on 12. Not sure when the Importing Tracks function was added