Using Nuendo with East West Orchestra

Hi all!

I am a relatively new user. I have installed East West Platinum Plus Orchestra onto my computer, but I can’t figure out how to get Nuendo 5 to “see it” as an available instrument when I create an instrument track. Basically, it only sees the VST instruments that came with the Nuendo Expansion Pack.

Can somebody explain how to set this up such that Nuendo sees this sample package?


OK, and I forgot to mention that I am using Windows 7. The people in my class are mostly on Macs, so they think it is a different process to set this up.

As long as you have a good installation of EW (check that the standalone Play instrument opens), and you have installed the VST plugin during the installation, go to

Devices>Plug-in information. Play should be there somewhere, there should be a check in the left column, if not, select one.

p213 of the pdf manual.

Hi, thanks for responding.

OK, what do you mean by “installed the VST plug in during installation”? I just simply installed the East West software and the various samples. Is there something else I need to do during this process?

I had initially attempted to add the East West Symphonic Orchestra by using “Add External Instrument” but I had no clue as to what to use for the settings.


make sure you copy the installed play dll files into the nuendo 5 “vst plugins” folder , then N5 will see the play vst in your vst intruments next time you boot up -

OK, thanks! Where do I find the dll files? Are these on the installation disk(s)?

OK, I had the DLL file already in the “vst plugins” folder but it was not yet assigned via “plug in information”.

So I was able to now create an instrument track with “play_VST” as the instrument, but now it isn’t seeing any of the many samples that are saved under the “Play Libraries” folder.

So how do I get Nuendo to see those?


Inside the Play instrument, go to the Browser and use it to navigate to the media folder.

BTW it’s useful if you include your system details in your signature - you will get more specific help if readers know about your system.