Using old content , is it possible and worth it?

Hello dear Cubase dudes and dudettes.
I been using elemento 10.5 and im totally in love.
I have installed it on a clean install of win 10…but I do have 2 other licenses , cubase studio 4 and cubase elements 7.5
I wonder if I can install those and maybe grab extra contente (?). I believe In win 7 I had both those installed and I am not so sure if I could grab cubase s 4 stuff with elements 7.5
I do remembre that studio 4 did have tons of extra lil installs for “content” . I testes just one now " vintage kits something" for Groove agent , but couldnt really see those kits with 10.5 …maybe I done something wrong , or its just something you can’t do?
And if you can do this sort of thing , is it worth it? will I find extra sounds I can’t find now on 10.5 ?
Thank you so much , best regards, stay healthy and safe! <3

Unfortunately old 32 bit content is not supported anymore in Cubase 10.5. If you really can’t live without it you can consider something like JBridge?

The content certainly can be used, no matter if the program is 64 bit or 32 bit…?

Hello Nickeldome.
That means it can support 7.5 content but not studio 4?
I can live without it ofc , I just want to know until where can I stretch my sound and sample library with stuff I already own.
ty for the reply

The content certainly can be used, no matter if the program is 64 bit or 32 bit…?

YEah both Cubases are actually 64bit or in studio 4 case has a 64 bit installation . wonder if content is 64 bit too.
And if I can how do I do it?

Searching for a mess is what I see here. Next thread will be hey whats this error?

Good luck

Haha! ok, got me convinced there , needed those words of wisdom to get back on earth.
I just dont like holding on to obsulete stuff and had that idea .
all the best all ty