Using Optional Content Sets

When I install the optional content sets such as Analog Techno where do I then find the content to use it in a project?

Media Bay and/or the Presets for individual VSTi’s depending on the specific content.

Ok so it is just media that populates Media Bay rather than a collection that you can go and browse through? I see Media Bay can sort by genre so if I type in Analog Techno it will also bring up anything else that it is either analog or techno and might be a part of another collection it would seem.

Update: I have just seen there is field in Media Bay called Content Set so that is perfect I can find all the related content by sorting by that field.

For content like Presets for VSTi’s those will appear in the VSTi itself & also in the Media Bay. Personally I don’t find the full Media Bay useful for instrument presets. For all the Steinberg VSTi’s, their internal Preset browsers are just sub-sets of the Media Bay which I prefer for that task.

You can find the files where the data is stored, but it isn’t in any kind of format useful to the end user. And there is a whole bunch of different content stored in each single data file.

Yes, but you can also filter by it too, so you’ll only see that content.

Cool thanks for your help raino.