Hello guys! I’ve just purchased Cubasis and I’m using it on my iPAD pro 12.9

I own also a Cubase SX original that I used on PC in 2006-2008, for this I’ve purchased CUBASIS to get the same concept/workflow in my compositing.

I also found GB as a free Apple DAW on my IPad and I really love the Pianos and some other instruments such as Asian acoustic ones and some more.

I’m looking for a way to use these GB instruments in Cubasis and being able to apply effects such as delays and reverb.

Do You know guys if there’s a way to make it happens? I’ve found a video on Ytube about it but maybe is not the thing that I’m looking for (if not able to apply effects in Cubasis).

Thank You so much!


Record and mixdown as WAV in GB and use the stems inside Cubasis on audio tracks.

Another option is to use RouteMIDI app to export GB tracks as MIDI files (GB doesn’t export in MIDI) and use those MIDI files inside Cubasis on MIDI tracks… (not all types of instruments in GB can be exported as MIDI). However, this is only MIDI extract and does not include GB instrument sounds.

Thanks for stepping in, Shekar!
Great to see users supporting users… :slight_smile:


I agree the Garage Band instruments are excellent and fun to play. No one seems to be writing instruments like these for use in a Cubasis unfortunately. We seem stuck on an endless stream of synthesizers …

I know SB have limited resources ( unlike Apple… ) but I hope one day we’ll get a new new instruments within Cubasis that compare to the Apple ones. Perhaps even spin offs from instruments already in Cubase? Hint hint.

iPads have the power now…