using pan/slider controls on keyboard

Hi, I am a guitar player trying to branch out into the MIDI keyboard world. I have an Oxygen49 keyboard, a tascam us122mkII and Cubase LE5. Is it possible to use the 8 pan and/or 8 slider controles on my keyboard to control the 8 controls on the HALionOne while I play to manipulate the sound instead of using the mouse? I know this is probably MIDI 101 but I am brand new to this and am eager to learn. Thanks for any help.

You can do it with quick controls.

What is quick controls?

Sorry, i think they┬┤re not available in LE 5.

Any other ideas or is it not possible with LE5?

You can do it with the generic remote also. Device setup->Remote devices

I used the generic remote and it worked, thank you, but when I add another track the settings are gone, do I have to add a generic remote for every track that I add or is there an easier way to do it. Also, when I record, the adjustments I make while I play like cutoff,resonance, DCF,etc. do not showup on the recording when I play it back.

I solved my first problem but still no luck with the second problem, recording sound adjustments, thanks for any help.