Using piano sound for input but playing back with instruments

I apologize if this has been covered - I couldn’t find a thread about it.

As a pianist, I am so used to playing the piano while composing for other instruments. It can be frustrating to have other instruments playing when I press the keys and switching when I switch staffs when all I really want is to hear a piano sound. But when I play it back, I’d like to hear the actual instruments play.

I guess what I’m asking for is two modes:

  1. Choosing the sound(s) to play when I enter notes or just doodle around, no matter which staff is selected for note entry
  2. Choosing the instruments/approach Dorico plays during playback.

The fastest method is to open up a standalone MIDI virtual piano (like Pianoteq, etc.) while Dorico is already open, and then turn off MIDI thru in Dorico. This will result in anything you record in Dorico using real-time MIDI record playing back with the external virtual instrument piano sound (with very little latency as a bonus); but your score afterwards playing back with the built-in sounds.

Or even (slightly) easier, use a MIDI-compatible keyboard that has onboard sound.

That’s what I do. My MIDI Kbd was an old DX7, and when I got a new computer (several machine’s ago) it came with a set of speakers. So for the cost of a 1/4"-to-minplug adapter I plugged the old speakers into the MIDI Kbd. At virtually no extra expense, the arrangement has stood me in good stead through a variety of newer computers.

Yes! Great ideas!

(Maybe Dorico could implement a more straight-ahead solution sometime?)

Thank you