Using pictures with score

Hi there community,

would you know if there was a way of adding a picture to a score…for example if I wanted to use a picture of a stained glass window for one my my hymns? would this be possible ? then If I wanted to use this picture as a main frame when listen to the music instead of score if wanted to download to You tube for example…

In Dorico, you can add a picture to a score layout, but I think that’s not what you mean. Dorico cannot produce movies, although several people here have suggested that it would be nice to have the possibility to create a ‘read-along’ score with the corresponding soundtrack directly from Dorico.
If you want to make a Youtube movie with music from Dorico, you need an application to create movies, and import the (Dorico-generated) soundtrack into it.

Yes, you can load still images into graphics frames, either on individual pages (as a page override) or by adding them to the relevant master page, if you e.g. wanted a logo on the bottom of the first page of every flow.

You would upload the picture to You Tube along with an audio file.


Thankyou I’m just surprised you can’t make a video on Dorico. Why is one of the options video? Anyone explain this to me

Simon Peter Lloyd.

The video window in Dorico is aimed for those who write music for movies… You can import your video and sync it to your score.