Using Platinum Guitar Loop Set

Hi Everyone, just purchased this loop set and I am a little disappointed or stupid. I am hoping its the latter!
I know they are loops but was hoping that I would simply choose a preset/sound or loop I like and then be able to play the loo/sound by using the midi keyboard. There are various sounds in Halion 5 that let you play a guitar loop for example and change the strum/pattern by means of a modifier key (usually a low group of keys on the keyboard).
I have had a quick loo and the best I have managed thus far is to drag a loop into a project that simply shows up as an audio loop. I imagine i can some how shift the key and chop out bits i dont want from the loop as you would a normal audio file. This is not very creative and if this is the way it works it will be the last loop set i purchase.
Also was hoping that i would be able to take a preferred loop and it would have some kind of midi programmer behind it where I could for example change a particular down stroke to an upstroke ETC.
I have looked on YouTube for some guidance but have not come across any yet.
Any advice you guys can give would be much appreciated.

it’s just Wave loop, follow your tempo that’s it . But if you have HALion (4 or 5) you can drop the loop into it and tweak them to be controlled by your midi controler (keyboard etc…).

yeah i do have Halion 5 but i am no expert lol. I would like to think i could create a Halion patch with the various parts from Platinum Guitars and save it so it would just show as a patch for ease of use in cubase.
if anyone knows of any tutorials i would be grateful.

that’s perfectly possible as far as I know? just go to the sample-thingy, and drop the WAVs to the corresponding Keys on the horizontal pianoroll.

so the guitar loops/samples should tell me already what key they are in, C for example and i somehow have to drop them to the C key in halion and save this as a preset?
Why are there no tutorials on this as most other stuff is covered.

Had a quick look at this and as far as I can see each loop is only in one note for example C5. I was expecting to see each loop in several different notes so could actually construct a song. As far as i can see i can only use the samples as they are as to play them more than a few semi tones from original sample would be naff as they would slow or speed up. Am I talking rubbish?

Just do rex files

Are all these midi or audio files?


@Home Studio 87: you say, just do rex files. Do you mean, just use or just do? If “do”, how?