Using Positive Grid Spark 40 amp as audio interface

Hi, This is my first post in this forum. I have just began to use my Positive Grid Spark 40 amplifier as an audio interface to record guitar in Cubase elements 9.5. I have managed to get it to work by installing the Positive Grid ASIO driver. When I want to listen to the track I just recorded there is no sound unless I change ASIO driver to the Focusrite ASIO driver (for my Scarlett 2i2) interface that I am using. Is there a way to get sound from all instuments including Midi-keyboard without having to toggle between the ASIO drivers? Perhaps this was confusing to You.

You can’t use two different devices simultaneously in Cubase. You can however use asio4all and there is another program someone mentioned in a thread a couple of days ago that joins two different asio interfaces.

These are for pc only. Apparently Macs have something that lets you aggregate interfaces although the latency goes up.