Using RealGuitar with Cubase

Can anyone help me with this:

I’m using Cubase 9.5 Artist with RealLPC (I imagine this applies to all the RealGuitar series). I get decent sounds using the chord track and RealLPC’s Pattern generator. However, whether I’m in strumming or picking mode, I can’t get the actual notes of each chord as played into the Cubase track. Instead, the full chord shows up for the chord’s duration, not for each upstroke, downstroke or mute.

So, if I want to tweak the track (which I always do), I have no way to do so.

Any suggestions?

I use RealGuitar but as an instrument track and it works OK.
I’ve never used a chord track so it could be that.
I think you need someone that uses the chord track to help.

For those using any of the RealGuitar VSTs: I got the answer on the MusicLab Forum –

"Go to Song mode, enter chord symbols you want in the measures/beats you need, right-click pattern track (under every chord symbol) and select Insert Strum in popup menu. Then press Down Arrow button in the lower left part of Song window and select Export Song as MIDI file. "

From that point, all you have to do is import the MIDI file, then copy and paste the MIDI track into your guitar VST track, and you can edit from there.