Using Reason / ReWire / Cubase Pro (stereo question)


I’m trying to use Reason 8 re-wired to Cubase Pro 9.5.

Everything is working fine except that the stereo portion of the Reason tracks is being lost along the way when I bring in individual instruments on their on ReWire channels (as opposed to just bringing in the main stereo mix from Reason).

When I plug a synthesizer output into the Reason “hardware” device, it takes up two channels, say 3 and 4, for the stereo signal.

But when I go into Cubase there is only the option to activate Channel 3 and Channel 4 separately, not together as a stereo pair.

I select Channel 3, and the sound come in, and the metering in Cubase makes it appear to be a stereo signal, but it’s actually just the left channel (channel 3 in Reason) playing, such that if I pan the output of the synth all the way to the right in Reason, it just disappears from the Cubase mix.

I’m unsure if the mistake I’m making is within Reason or Cubase. What I want is a Cubase ReWire channel which is stereo, and which contains both the signal of Reasons outputs being sent to Channels 3 and 4 (which represent the left and right output of a stereo instrument).

Any help appreciated.

Update: the ReWire tracks coming in are all mono, except for the Main Mix, which is somehow combining into a single stereo ReWire channel (even though it has the same individual mono setup under Studio / ReWire / Reason ReWire.)

I am currently bringing everything in mono, panning, and routing to individual group busses (then hiding the ReWire channels) so I can treat the instruments as stereo instruments (which they are). I’m sure this will work but it is unbelievably clunky so I have to think there’s a better way.

Yes. Its clunky. Years back we could create proper stereo tracks for Reason Rewire then that disappeared. I think duel mono is the only way.

Thank you James… disappointing but you’ve saved me a lot of stress poking around trying to figure it out.