Using Rev-X as reverb inserted but its window not showing!


Is anyone using Rev-X ( Yamaha Hardware plugin) with Dorico? I cannot get it to work!

I have my MR816CSX and set it to External effect. It shows on the channel strip of Reverb! However, when I insert it, It doesn’t show the window of the Rev-X.

No one is using the Highly acclaimed REV-X reverb? Also sweet spot plugin from Steinberg UR interfaces?

Yes, I do. And it does work for me. I wonder why not for you.

Can you maybe explain in more detail, because I don’t quite understand what you write with “set to external effect” and “it shows on the channel strip”. Maybe a screenshot could help

Hi Ulf,

From MR manual:


As you can see in the gif file, after I insert REV-X and press on e button on the mixer nothing happens.

Does the plug-in window maybe open behind the Dorico window?
Also, could you please send a diagnostics report. Thanks

Dorico (2.1 MB)

No. It is not hiding, unfortunately.