Using RevX and Channel Strip morphing within Cubasis

Dear reader,

I’ve recently bought the UR44 to use with my iPad air and Cubasis. I chose the UR44 because the RevX and Channel Strip Morphing functionality lighten the load of my iPad and because I like the Morphing functionality. I’ve worked a couple of days with Cubasis and other apps like Audiobus, several synths and several effects. I like it a lot. Thxx.

However I can’t find the Channel strip equalizer-compressor-sweetspotmorphing and RevX within Cubasis. How van I access them within Cubasis?

After upgrading Cubasis LE to the full version the start icon still says LE. Can that have something to do with it?

Kind regards,
Peter Wierenga

Hi Peter,

Please have a look at the dspMixFx iOS app that comes as a free download on the App store:

This app allows to control all DSP features of the UR interface, and lets you record your tracks including the DSP-based effects in apps like Cubasis.

Hope that helps.