using roland se-02 in cubase 10

Ive just bought a roland se-02 and also the vst editor. I load up cubase and select the se-02 editor. It shows up as a plugin and the module is connected via usb. Pressing keys on my midi controller shows activity in the se-02 editor but I have no sound. What do I need to do to get sound ?


I expect the Roland SE-02 Editor is not an virtual instrument, but an editor only. So you can edit all the stuff and the data is sent to the hardware. The hardware is producing the sound.

So to get the sound to Cubase you have to route the audio from Roland to Cubase. Make sure Roland Line Out is connected to your Audio Device In. Add a Stereo Audio track and enable Monitor (to hear the incoming signal).

I bought the VST version so it appears as a virtual instrument inside cubase with full edit controls, pressing keys on my controller keyboard (keylab 61) shows activity in the se-02 virtual instrument but I have no sound inside cubase

As its a virtual instrument inside cubase Id expect the audio to be over USB, but there’s nothing

As said…It’s not a virtual instrument. It’s only an editor.

For audio over usb to work it must be the selected audio interface in Cubase and you’ll still need to route the audio in to another track like you would any other hardware.

You will probably need to try ASIO4all driver. This should let you select Roland as audio input but your interface/soundcard as output.

Ive had this device for over 2 weeks now and I still havent managed to get it to work. I ended up buying 2 midi leads and an audio lead and plugging it into my komplete audio 6 interface. Ive setup a midi channel in cubase using the komplete audio 6 midi in & out, its set to ‘any’ midi channel. Pressing a key on my keylab keyboard shows activity in cubase, but no midi activity on the komplete audio (midi in light is constant green, midi out light is off)
but there is just no midi activity. Ive installed a midi monitor and that shows no midi activity. How do I get cubase to transmit midi data through my komplete audio interface into the SE-02 ?

How have you connected everything?

List the devices and outs to ins.