Using Samplicity Bricasti IRs In Reverence

I would like to use the Samplicity Bricasti free Impulse Responses Cubase Reverence.

So I downloaded the various WAV files and there are ‘L’ and ‘R’ stereo ‘mono to stereo’ WAV files, plus an M/S version in the 01 and 02 zips.

And then there are Quad versions (03 and 04 zips).

But Reverence only lets you import a single stereo WAV file. So:

Which do I use with Reverence? OR is Reverence not a good choice. If not, are there better choices? Waaaay back when I used SIR beta but I couldn’t stand the latency. Not sure if I own any other convolution reverbs.


stereo & quad

But which file within the -folder-. Each folder, has -3- WAV files… 2 mono/stereo files and 1 mid-side. I was expecting a single -stereo- WAV file.

What am I missing?

yes i don’t remember it was like that …now I remember when I’ve done it into cubase and export the stereo file L+R into a single file then for quad I’ve mave a quad out system and export to a single file too…lot of work !

Too much work for me.