using scissors icon for deleting\removing a short section of unwanted recorded audio.

can someone point me to a video or article I can read on the scissors icon function and how to use it. I understand this is probably very basic but I have not figured this out. I have looked on this forum as well as you tube. I have also tried to find it in the PDF instruction manual. However none of these have provided a tutorial that I can find where it applies to simply removing a section of recorded audio. Thank you.

Don’t have anything to point you to. But it works pretty easy if you understand a couple of concepts. The audio that you see in the Pool corresponds to an audio file on a disk. The audio you see on a Track in Cubase is an Audio Part and is only indirectly related to the file on the disk. You can cut it up however you like and nothing will change in the actual audio file. You can think of Audio Parts as a window that lets you see & access part (or all) of the underlying file.

If you had a Track with a vocal on it where the singer coughed just before singing you can use the Scissors Tool to remove it. First you probably want to turn off Snap or you’ll only be able to cut on the grid - most audio doesn’t align that well with the grid. Now just hover over the Audio Part somewhere between the end of the cough & the start of singing. If you click here the Audio Part will be split into 2 Audio Parts. Now use the Select Tool to select the Part with the cough and hit delete to remove it.

Alternatively you could use the Select Tool to hover over the lower left corner of the Audio Part. Then click and drag right to change where the Audio Part begins so that the cough isn’t included in the Part.