Using Sonarworks Reference 4 in WaveLab Elements 11

Hi all

I’m a Cubase veteran but have only just started using Wavelab (Elements 11). So far so good, but I can’t work out how to use Sonarworks Reference 4 (room compensation) in a control room setup up like in Cubase. Is there a plug-in/effects slot for monitoring only (rather than going through to the render output)?

It’s the playback section (at the bottom of the master fader).

The only downside to this is that you cannot have different plug-in for headset / main monitor etc. so you’ll have to change the preset in SW if you need that.

I think the Playback section is only available in Wavelab Pro, comparing Elements Manual and Pro Manual.

Ahh. Good point. I missed the reference to Elements in the OP.

Ah right, thanks for clarifying - I’ll stick with Elements for now and will just remove Reference 4 when I’m ready to render.

Does Elements have a master section? If so, can you set up a render preset that bypasses that master section like you can in Pro?

If the answers to both are yes, that’s going to be less (human) error-prone than remembering to bypass it when rendering.

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Good idea. If you keep all your plugin work inside the Audio Montage (as I prefer to do) and don’t use the Master Section for any actual plugin processing, you could in theory put Sonarworks in the Master Section and then use the Rendering Options/Preset that always bypasses the Master Section on Rendering.

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The other good option, IMHO, is to put something after wavelab in your signal path that hosts sonarworks/etc.

That’s what I actually do. But, I also want to be able to switch between speakers and phones, process them differently, and be able to do the same for my media player, web browser, etc… It more complex to set up but simpler to use if you handle the audio “config” for monitoring outside of WL.

When I was on Windows, I did that via ReaRoute and a Reaper session that I always had running. On Mac, I like Audio Hijack so far. If you can afford something like a Trinnov, that would be even easier. There are some technical quirks to doing it that way and good reasons not to, but I still prefer it on balance.

I don’t think it’s ready for Windows yet but on Mac, Sonnox ListenHub is REALLY great:

I don’t use it for hosting any room/headphone correction although it could. I do use it with my mobile/laptop setup to host some additional metering plugins and to act as a virtual monitor controller that somewhat mimics my hardware monitor controller.

Thanks all - some great tips here!

ListenHub looks great.

Unfortunately, it refuses to load CanOpener, which is kind of a deal-breaker for me. I should contact Sonnox before my trial runs out, because it looks great other than that.

Yeah. It’s become essential for my mobile/laptop rig. I don’t use CanOpener but it does seem to load for me here in ListenHub.

I would contact Sonnox and Goodhertz to see if they have any clues for you. I’ve found them both to be pretty good/responsive plugin developers.

That’s frustrating. I’ll look into it before the demo expires.