Using Sonarworks,Waves NX, Room correction VST

Hi folks,

I have just upgraded to W9 Pro from 6… And very pleased indeed with improved performance and workflow.

I use (as many people do nowadays it seems) Waves NX -> Sonarworks for Headphone room simulation and eq correction. I was using this in Wavelab 6 and worked extremely well for my needs. This is still the case in W9 Pro however as there are a whole bunch of lovely meters, I would like to use them! The issue being (as described here: the monitoring point can’t be changed to allow the monitoring meters to reflect the signal pre-Room Correction EQ VSTs. I was previously using bx_meter and Voxengo Span as inserts in the Master Section followed by NX/Sonarworks so the metering I was using was NOT affected by the EQ and phase effects of these other VSTs… And this still works but how are other people using these eq and room correction type vsts? Am I missing a trick?

Is there something in the pipeline to allow some inserts to be excluded from monitoring?

The “monitoring point” feature works only for the Master Meter but is not passed through to Monitor Section… Anyone have any tips on how they get around this issue?

If I am not mistaken, the dedicated Playback Processing pane in the Master Section is designed for this application.

It is but unfortunately, the meters are still influenced by plugins in this slot. I know PG has said it will be changed sometime in the future but no telling when.

It’s a common and legitimate request.

Thanks for the swift reply folks! At least I now know where these type of plugins should go… Alas, as has been mentioned, the monitoring point for the monitor meters is still after this section.

My workflow is likely to change a little but I generally use it for CD prep (using Audio Montage) and intend on applying Dither on the Montage Output fx slot and render bypassing Master Section - I guess for the time being it just means I carry on using my own metering pugins and forego Wavelabs own…

I hope there is a fix for this soon. Would be great to switch the monitor metering point! Thanks again :slight_smile: