Using sounds from Omnisphere

I’ve read some posts that to relate to this subject. I tried to put an Omnisphere routing for one that started out in Halion. I might have messed up some of the routing by trying to get Omnisphere to work. One problem is that I cannot get a player to show up in Play without already naming it and thus getting a Halion instrument.

I checked and Omnisphere is whitelisted.

Here is how it looks in Play mode

Open the VST Rack tab and make sure Omnisphere is added as a VST.
You should then be able to select Omnisphere in the track inspector routing.

Remember you will need to define an expression map appropriate to your omnsiphere instrument if you want dynamics etc to playback. (IIRC you can also swap between different presets in your omnisphere instance using program changes)

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Also you need to select the track you want to route. In your example, click on the Chords track and the available VSTs will show in the list beneath Routing.

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Thank you. I will look into making the expression map. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Thank you. This is so helpful. I am also confused about how to name the player I pick so that it will show up in PLAY mode without already being assigned to a Halion instrument. Maybe these two suggestions will take care of that problem. Thanks again.

Just add an instrument like “Synthesizer”, remove Halion and replace it with Omnisphere.

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On the VST and MIDI panel find your instrument and click on the gearwheel. That opens Endpoint Setup, and you can name the instance there.

It won’t say “Omnisphere” as in the screenshot until you’ve changed & named the Endpoint.

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I studied the screenshot and set up Omnisphere with two instruments and then linked each one to an end expression map, but it only works for the first one. The second instrument was going to the halion VST so I deleted that. Now it doesn’t play anything. The first sound still plays okay…

Do you know what I am missing?

You need to go to Track Inspector and assign the second track to your Omnisphere VST, and to MIDI channel 2 (or whatever you’ve set up).

It worked! Thank you so much. Thanks for taking the time That did the trick. I’m so excited now to use some new sounds with Dorico sounds.

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Thank you again for you help. I now have two files from Omnisphere up and running. Yay!