Using Spectralayers Pro 8 as external editor in Abelton. Cant hear it

I am loving learning this dude. What I am not good at is audio routing. Do you know how I can get Spectralayers to sound through the same headphones I use for Ableton. I have tried all I know to do. Currently I have headphones for Spectralayers and seperatly for Ableton. I have an interface. I have a headphone amp. This is the one on Ableton. Thanks, any help will be great. dont hurt me that I’m not on Cubase!!!

The only thing I can suggest is seeing if there’s button in Ableton that allows it to release your interface when Ableton isn’t using it, and clicking it.

Do you have to do anything with asio4all with Cubase to run Spectralayers? Maybe that is the issue? I know Spectralayers has an asio selection but I cras my pc when I try it. Thanks again.

I don’t use Cubase, unfortunately. I use Reaper and SL8 using an ASIO driver. SL8 is the aux editor. I don’t have any playback problems at all, even with a single headphone output.

Dunno about ASIO4All; maybe it would work, maybe it wouldn’t. I’ve never run any controlled tests.