Using Spectrasonics instruments as VST 3 in Play Mode

The computer is ( Apple MacBook pro running OSX 10.14.6 ) Mojave OSX

I am wanting to use as sounds in Dorico Pro 3.1 these Instruments from Spectrasonics:

They all have a VST3 plug in installed on the system.
They Do not show up in the VST instruments list in Play Mode of Dorico
I also followed the instructions, and tried putting them on the Whitelist for VST 2 instruments as a .txt file.
None of this has worked.

Is there a key command to tell Dorico to rescan the system for more VST 3 instruments? Or to clear the preferences and rescan ?
I have others that are not showing up also.

What have I overlooked here?
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Warren

VST3 plug-ins must reside at locations predefined in the VST3 specification, so Dorico shall pick up automatically all available VST3 plug-ins from those locations.
I don’t know the Spectrasonic plug-ins, but I doubt that they are VST3.
If they are VST2, they need to get properly whitelisted.
Please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report on the Dorico menu. That creates silently a zip file on your desktop, please post it here.
From that I can see what plug-ins got detected on your system and how your whitelist looks like.

HI Thanks
Dorico (1.73 MB)
The Spectrasonics Instruments are VST 2 plug ins, I put them into a .txt file ( system is Apple Mac)
and I put the names into Dorico on the white list ( I think)

Warren B. White

Thanks for the data. Everything is fine, except that on the whitelist you need to take away the ending ‘.vst’ from the names. Then restart Dorico and the plug-ins shall appear.