Using Spitfire Solo Strings for string quartet

I use Dorico as a composition tool. As part of that, I just need to be able to produce an audio file straight out of Dorico to accompany the score that’s “good enough” to illustrate to musicians how the piece should sound. In that spirit, I’ve tried various libraries, the latest being Spitfire Solo Strings. (I know that it’s not intended to be used for quartet, but I don’t need it to sound truly authentic.)

Anyway, in case someone else has similar needs, I’ve attached an expression map and the Kontakt nkm file that I created. I’ve tweaked the UACC EM that Spitfire provides to get better rendition. I also created a détaché technique with shortened note durations. I found that the articulations in the library were not well balanced. Staccato, in particular, was way too loud. So I’ve individually rebalanced the articulations. The EM drives Volume and CC1. In the nkm, I use CC1 to drive both dynamics and expression.

Here’s a rendering of the quartet if you want to hear how the instruments sound: Stream String Quartet In D Major by Tony Baker | Listen online for free on SoundCloud. I’m sure a better sound is possible using a DAW and a dedicated quartet library, but this was good enough for my purposes.

UACC Spitfire Solo Strings for String (1.6 MB)


Thank you for sharing the tweaks (I’ve had in the back of my head that I would like to do similar, and now do not need to!), but also for sharing what you composed—it’s lovely, as is your other work as I’ve been listening to it on SoundCloud. :blue_heart:

Thanks for your kind words, Chris.