Using SSD for Projects and Audio Recording OK?

All my VST instruments an sample libaries are on some type of SSD.
Currently my project folders, and thus the locations of where my audio recordings get captured during sessions are on a 7200RPM hard drive. I do however have free space on an SSD.

  1. Would I see a benefit in moving projects I work on to the SSD?
  2. Given the nature of how often we “write” to disk when recording audio, it is best to do this on a mechanical hard drive (such as my 7200RPM HDD) or is it OK to use the SSD for writing audio to? Has anyone experimented? Does it work better? Does it reduce the lifespan of the SSD?

SSD’s are great for your Projects. Although I would tend to put them on one of their own instead of sharing an SSD with the sample libraries. Prices have fallen a lot recently making this easier to do.

  1. Yes, but not as great as moving your sample libraries from an HDD. You’ll see the most impact when loading Projects.

  2. Don’t worry about running out of ‘writes’. Those memory cells are designed to handle a huge number of writes. You’d need to fill-up the disk and then erase it all - day after day after day… to even get close. Your use will be more like an audio file gets written to an unused section of the SSD and stays there forever - a single write. Yeah stuff will get deleted, re-recorded & moved. That isn’t likely to get you up to a hundred writes on a cell - much less the number needed to wear out an SSD. Since an HDD is fast enough for a lot of parallel audio you shouldn’t notice any real difference when recording to an SSD. An analogy - if you take your Honda out on the highway it doesn’t really matter if the speed limit is 300miles/hr or 800miles/hr.

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