Using Stereo Speakers instead of Monitors

Hello everyone! I am new to recording and setup. I own a set of Infinity SM-105’s rated at 100 hz for efficiency and they are actually monitors from 1997 when I bought them.

I have a TASCAM US600 - unfortunately it only goes to 96 not 192. But, I wish to try it out and my question is:

Can I use my speakers that my desktop uses (Infinity SM105 and Bose 301 V’s) thru my Marantz PM 7001 stereo amp? There is a DACmagic 100 between the computer and amplifier but I was hoping to just use the ASIO driver instead of the windows driver (directX??) and be able to use my speakers.

I am trying to get away from spending any money right now for mid-grade monitors like the KrK brand per sa…

My goal is to find software (not too pricey) to use my PC as a amp simulator, but also I do wish to record vocals and guitar using either Cubase or Ableton Live 10 lite (which I just installed).

If I have no choice but to use monitors, would getting a cable that has the 1/4 inch stereo end that goes to the interface and the other two separate wire to the 8 ohm home Stereo speakers work? Or is the impedance higher on monitor speakers?

I envy all of you, as I just literally got at all my New Old stock and wish to learn enough to write music.

If I am allowed to put a link on here to the guy who inspired the idea of using the PC as a amp simulator for guitar here is the YT link:

Thank you in advance for the help!

You can use any speaker you want, as soon as they are connected to a device that has an ASIO driver that can be configured to connect to the Cubase outputs.