Using Superior Drummer multi-output, how to set up in C7?

Hi Guys,

I am using Superior Drummer 2.0, and have always just used it as a single stereo-out plugin.

However I have decided that to get a more sculpted sound for each drum by routing each drum to its own channel in Cubase.

In SD 2.0 there is the option to route each drum to either an output (eg output 1/2, output 3/4 etc) or to a bus (such as bus 1/2, bus 3/4, etc).

My question is… what sort of channels in Cubase do I set up to RECEIVE these individual outputs? Normal audio channels only seem to be able to receive inputs from my various audio interface inputs. I’ve also tried FX channels and group channels, but with no luck there.

Would love any help or guidance that any of you may be able to offer!


Hi, If you are using Superior Drummer from the VST Instrument rack (not as an Instrument track) the outputs set in the SD mixer will correspond to the activated outputs for Superior Drummer set from the Cubase instrument rack. By default only 1&2 are activated on the rack. You can activate the other outputs via the little icon on the rack, or indeed via the “activate outputs” dropdown on Superior Drummer’s GUI…(the little downward pointing arrow at the top right) For each activated channel a new channel will appear in the Cubase mixer.

Hope that helps.

in your toontrack account

extra downloads > SUPERIOR > HostStuff > Cubase > Multiout

and you will find a video showing how to do that, or you could simply take a look at the manual…


Thanks heaps for the quick reply! To date I’ve just been using SD by adding a new instrument track and going from there.
How would I go about using it in a rack?

Thanks heaps for your help!

Great - thanks… will look at this video now!


Just press F11 which brings up the rack (or Devices/VST Instruments via the dropdown menus). Click on an empty slot in the rack and load Superior Drummer.

Hello there,
I know how to set up the multi outputs, but my problem comes now: I want to record all instruments at the same time, but the midi/instrument track outputs that are created dont have a recording butto on them.
So how can I record all the different outputs now on seperate audio tracks. Checking the Input on an audiotrack doesnt give me the chance to record f.e. SD 1/2 or something like that.
I hope I made myself clear. Thanks for your help!

nevermind, I figured it out.
For everyone that is looking for the same problem:
This can only be done via Groupbus and then into an Audiotrack or use the Export Audio / Multi Export and Import right away into project.
God knows why cubase wont let you pick the instrument output as an input source for the Audio Tracks…

Glad you got the multi outs sorted.

When you load SD into the rack, you’re asked if you want to create a MIDI track associated with the instrument. You can record anything from SD directly onto this track, or build up a drum part by pasting and cutting up from the groove library.

What works for me is recording the output from SD as MIDI, which is then played back through the multiple outputs you have activated for it. The MIDI output from SD all goes onto this one MIDI track which can be multi pass recorded, edited, and played back in the MIDI domain without needing to record any audio. The MIDI will play back outputting through SD to whichever multiple outs you have configured, which you can process with audio effects etc just as you would normal audio.

Of course you have the option to render the drum part into audio, but it shouldn’t be necessary unless you are short of system resources

yes, I know, and the way you are working with it, is the way it is intended to be, and I often do it the exact same way but I am more into electronic music, and therefore I often want to build something and then record it as audio quickly, to be able to process it further. For example reversing a snare out of the SD just to see how it sounds, or if I should get another snare, then timestretch it for example and rinse it out with other effects.
In ableton for example I can add an audiotrack and tell it where it gets it input from, external synh or mic or audio track 47 or SD Track 3/4, which makes it fast and easy. But I guess the general Cubase user is not working this way.
But I just couldnt find any information on it, because it is just not programmed like this. But thanks for your reply!

Now I see just what you’re after, I agree, to do that it’s a bit of a PITA as you’d have to have to do a batch export then get going with the scissors, or do some fiddly routing, as you mention. Neither is a particularly elegant solution.

Hi Guys
I’m a newbie so please be gentle :smiley:
Does anyone know how to get Multiple outs working in EZ Drummer 2 in Cubase 7.5 ?
I have watched a few videos on You Tube but they were for old Cubase versions and don’t apply to 7.5.
I have started EZ Drummer, set it to Multi Outs on the Mixer but after that I’m lost.
Does it output on separate Midi Channels or do I make some more Instrument channels ?
Sorry for being a thicko but I’m just not getting it HELP !

If loaded as an instrument track: Open the inspector, next to the instrument name is a small grey arrow. Click on this and select the outputs you want.

If loaded as a rack instrument: Open the rack, click the little grey arrow (pointing right) and select the outputs you want.

Thanks for a quick reply Grim.
I’ll have another go Cheers for now

Wahoo ! it works. I know have multi outs in EZ DRUMMER Thanks again for your help :slight_smile:

Guys I am also struggling with this. Can anyone tell me why when I follow the above procedures, the message saying “do you wish to create a midi track assigned to this instrument” does not appear when I load SD into the vst instruments :S? Therefore, because no s1/s2 channel appears, when I try to switch on the other channels (e.g s3/s4 etc) none these out channels appear so I can’t route my SD output to them. Anyone have any suggestions to fix this, when I load Halion sonic the message appears :S so it looks to jus be a SD thing…